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Textile Print

 Textile Print



The inspiration for this textile print was an idea to explore the parts of fabric, below is a diagram with all its components. Most people are unaware of these terms so I thought it would be interesting to apply this vocabulary directly to the fabric itself.

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 10.33.48 PM.png

Block Printing Process

I designed and made each stamp, using them to block print the textiles.

step 6.jpg
step 9.jpg

Textile Prints

I chose to stamp the vocabulary terms to their corresponding definition, labeling the fabric as a result. Since the words have meanings outside of textile (bias towards something, grain like the food, etc.) I decided to do a play on words and label the fabric incorrectly as well.

Correct Labeling

Grain copy.jpg

Incorrect Labeling

IMG_3453 copy.jpg
Bias copy.jpg
IMG_3454 copy.jpg
Muslin copy.jpg
IMG_3451 copy.jpg
Selvage copy.jpg
IMG_3452 copy.jpg