Leather Textile


Each year, more than 15 million tons of textile waste is produced within the fashion industry, making it one of the world’s largest generators of waste. With our environment in critical need of care, there needs to be a change within the garment industry to evolve it’s practices. As designers and consumers, we also need to step up on an individual level to spark this revolution.

To study the possibilities of textile recycling, I created my own textile design. All the utilized material was reused leather scraps that I’ve been saving for the past two years. By using vertical panels I was able to get as much surface area from the scraps as possible, while still maintaining a modern aesthetic.

Additionally, by attaching the panels side-by-side as opposed to sewing them on top one another I was able to make a larger textile. To read more about my design process, see my article here.

The outcomes of this project were a textile made from 100% recycled material and a deeper understanding of fashion industry waste. This study could be done again by not creating a grid-like pattern, to utilize even more scrap material.


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