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State of the (design) Union

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The State of the (design) Union

Life has a way of being both unexpectedly epic and unexpectedly busy. With this in mind, I’m welcoming a new way for me to reflect, plan, and dream big. I have so many ideas for what I want to accomplish, hopefully this LAS format will help me manifest those goals.

June 2019

Professional — This month was all about the beginning stages of moving forward. In June I realized it’s time for me to move onto another stage in my career, I’m ready to find a new job where I can continue to learn and grow. I had various conversations with my co-workers and mentors about it and they gave me great advice, suggestions, and support. By the end of the month I felt I had some direction and began sending out my new resume.

Community — I continued to volunteer and support the non-profit Montclair Design Week. The team is excited about all the youth programming events I am helping to plan. This month I connected with some great organizations that are interested in partnering with us, so that’s very exciting!

Personal — My most successful personal development was that I read a lot this month. I began reading WWD, subscribing to interesting and impactful blogs, and was constantly striving to learn and discover more. Additionally, finding out I won a Premier Print Award was so personal and happy. I had worked so hard on that publication and it was so humbling to have been recognized for my contributions. (read my post on it here)

Looking to the Future

Professional — In July I hope to begin interviewing for positions that will be a great fit for me, my goal is to get a new job by August. On another note, I’ve always wanted to be published in a magazine or journal so I’m going to look more into this goal. And finally, I want to take on another design freelance project in July.

Community — I want to keep making a difference in MDW and begin finalizing our programming plans. My friends in MDW has inspired me to keep working on a project I founded last year called WIDA. It’s a scholarship for female design students at my alma mater, and I want it to become better funded and better planned. So I’m going to begin working on this again.

Personal — Reading more book and listening to more podcasts is top of the list. I also want to do 1 or 2 personal projects to keep creative.

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