Logo Commission Pt. 2


I’ve been continuing to work on the logo for an up-and-coming hair salon! You can read about Pt. 1 of this project here. After consulting with Alyssa, the salon owner, on the initial design we narrowed down to three design directions.


She was interested in using a sky and ocean blue color palette so I created one to use in the logo design.

I began designing with the colors, experimenting with gradients and hue. The owner was excited about the gradient wave logo so we proceeded with that one! — Next up, font selection.


Font selection was a bit tricky, considering that millions of fonts that exist. Alyssa expressed she likes san serif fonts that are clean, but had to have character as well. Searching through my font arsenal, I tested many styles to meet the brand mood. Unfortunately, she wasn’t feeling the selection — so the search continues!