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Faves from #36Days


I did it, I completed 36 Days of Type!
No skips of pre-designs, I really did a design a day.

I could not be more proud of myself and the body of work I have created. I learned new skills, stretched my creative muscles, gained confidence in sharing my work, and connected with others through design. This was an incredible experience that Iā€™m so glad I participated in!

Also, a big highlight was having the official account @36daysoftype account like two of my design posts on Instagram and then comment on my last one, congratulating me on completing the 36 Days. It was so exciting!

In honor of its finale, here are my favorites that I designed during 36 Days of Type.

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36 Days of Type_E-05.jpg
36 Days of Type_M-13.png
36 Days of Type_V-22.png
36 Days of Type_5-32.png
36 Days of Type_G-07.png
36 Days of Type_Q-17.png
36 Days of Type_W-23.png
36 Days of Type_7-34.png
36 Days of Type_I-09.png
36 Days of Type_R-18.png
36 Days of Type_3-30.png
36 Days of Type_9-36.png