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Logo Commission Pt. 1


After following my 36DaysOfType journey, the owner of an up-and-coming hair salon contacted me about designing the logo for her business. This is a really exciting opportunity so of course I said yes! She was looking for something minimal but with character. In her own words:

“Refined but a splash of personality so they get feel like they’re getting an experience that’s non-traditional.”

After all my wild type designs, minimalism was so hard! Yet very soothing.


This is her current logo which she is looking to change. She wants a logo that will match the vibe of her style and clients whom she describes as, 30-something fashion forward professionals with deep pockets.

I set out to design a logo that emits cool professionalism.


These are my initial designs for Hair Flow Studio, color is coming in Design Part 2! Alyssa, the salon owner, was really happy with the designs and we are moving forward with designs 6, 8, and 10. More to come, cheers!