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Featured at NYCxDesign


I’m very excited to share that I was a featured designer in a NYCxDesign Week event! The design show “Renew Me” was hosted by Grouphug, a sustainable design collective and brand. The show challenged designers to think about energy and the environment, fully embodying their slogan:

"Finally, a design show not about chairs.”

It was an honor to be selected for the show! The gallery of work was incredible, truly showcasing the importance of design and sustainability. Check out the design I made for the show below!


The Breakdown

A biodegradable puzzle that encourages kids to have a positive environmental impact.


The Breakdown is a children's puzzle exploring the idea of plantable play. Made of seed paper and compostable cardboard, once planted the puzzle will grown into the flower depicted. This biodegradable puzzle aims to encourage kids to have a positive environmental impact.

To read more about The Breakdown click here!
This project was done in collaboration with Benjamin Ruoff.
And very proudly mentioned in
Core77 in the Grouphug article!