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New Year, New Studio

It’s a new year with a new vibe, and this wild child of a website is done loading.


2018 was one for the books, it was the year Life After Studio was born! Life After Studio began with me not wanting to become design-dead after graduating college. I didn’t expect this mini project to grow into what I want to spend all my time doing. Since its conception in October I’ve maxed my brain and hard-drive with knowledge as I’ve researched the internet to build this baby. Starting first as a DIY fashion blog, my passion for the fashion industry to become more sustainable influenced me to develop LAS into a brand that will contribute to that mission. A lot happened in a few short months, and I couldn’t be more excited and proud.

2019 is the year of foundation. I want to grow and change the world and all that good stuff, but I need to lay the foundation first. Instagram has people posting about major moves only, but at LAS this is the year of planting seeds. Small moves grow into bigger ones, it’s time to work hard.

Here’s my 2019 focus list:

  1. Define the LAS mission even further and consistently work towards it.

  2. Establish effective sustainability practices for the brand.

  3. Launch 12 products on the website, that’s 1 per month.

  4. Up my photography game.

  5. Make a presence on social media.

  6. Collaborate with others.

This list is a marathon, not a sprint.

I am very excited to build the foundation for something that I’m so passionate about. Every move made and hour spent is put towards a project that has immense value, and I’m excited to document and share this journey! Each month I’ll be posting an update on my progress towards these goals. Check the STUDIO HQ tag to stay in the loop or subscribe at the bottom of the page.

To recap, it’s a new year with a new vibe, and this wild child of a website is done loading.
Back to the grind, thanks for reading.

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