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Material Shopping


With the Holidays in full swing, the pressure is on to find the perfect gift. This year I’ve been inspired to make my friend a gift, instead of buying one. This sweet and simple idea is starting to feel like a final project with the Christmas due date approaching quickly! But I’m ready for the challenge and the inspiration is flowing; I finally know what I’m going to make!


On a mission to make a fanny pack, I make the trip to Mood Fabrics in New York City. The famous store never fails to have me awe over their aisles and aisles of fabric heaven.

With my fanny pack design in mind I investigate the leather, denim, and neoprene sections of the store. Each of these textiles are durable, strong, and have a thickness that will be ideal for my final design.

After browsing the denim section I decided to abandon the idea because leather would be more durable and fit the aesthetic I was aiming for better.

The leather department was absolute heaven! The colors, patterns, and textures that lined the walls were a designer’s dream. After scanning each rack I stumbled upon an absolutely gorgeous dark matte leather.

When the material speaks to you, you know it’s the one. I coped a skin of it super quick.

To compliment the leather exterior, I found a white neoprene to be the interior textile. The benefit of the neoprene is that I won’t have to buy any lining for the bag to make it stiffer, because the neoprene will hold the shape super well.

I left the store a happy shopper. All I can say is, thank you Mood!